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Dave Barry: Don't you wish you had a job like mine? All you have to do is think up a certain number of words! Plus, you can repeat words! And they don't even have to be true!

This day in history

21 March: Napoleonic Code Adopted in France (1804). One of Napoleon's first priorities after coming to power was revising the outdated French legal system. The resulting code was a clear framework of laws regarding property, family, and personal rights, replacing an antiquated, confusing patchwork of feudal laws. The code has since been amended but remains in effect in France.

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Uber board backs CEO Kalanick, still looking for chief... »

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Uber Technologies Inc [UBER.UL] plans to keep co-founder Travis Kalanick as chief executive following a series of damaging events at the ride services company, a member of its board said on Tuesday in a rare call with reporters. reuters: Wednesday, 22 March at 00:57.

Underwater drone is ready to make a splash »

If you're shopping around for an aerial drone, then you'll know that there are now lots of companies making them. What's perhaps a little more surprising, however, is the number of groups offering aquatic drones. Already, we've seen li'l remote-control submarines such as the Trident, FathomOne, CCROV and BlueROV2. Now another one has taken the plunge into the market, in the form of the currently-crowdfunding Gladius... Continue Reading Underwater drone is ready to make a splash Category: Drones Tags: Submarine Remote Control Underwater Indiegogo Related Articles: Trident ROV may be that underwater drone you've been looking for Another aquatic drone is ready to dive deep "Underwater drone" channels your inner Cousteau Submersible Exosuit lets divers plunge to 1,000 ft below the surface Seawolf sub takes your GoPro on an undersea voyage DEDAVE may be the autonomous underwater vehicle for everyone else gizmag: Wednesday, 22 March at 00:19.

Wright Electric unveils its commercial electric plane... »

 Gas is the biggest cost for airlines. The easiest way to reduce these costs? Don’t use gas at all. That was the pitch from Wright Electric, a startup building an commercial passenger plane that runs on batteries and can handle flights under 300 miles. These short-haul trips make up 30 percent of all flights and a $26 billion market. Today Wright Electric gave its first preview to the… Read More techcrunch: Wednesday, 22 March at 00:07.

China And Israel Tech Ties Grow Closer With $10M Deal For... »

China conglomerate agrees to invest $10 million with Israel's Haifa University and the Chinese Academy of Sciences to develop 3 centers to commercialize AI technologies. forbes: Wednesday, 22 March at 00:07.

Airline Electronics Ban Probably Based On Legitimate... »

The ban on electronics larger than a cellphone on incoming flights to the United States and the United Kingdom from a handful of airports in the Middle East and North Africa was announced Tuesday without much information to back it up. But the action was probably based on credible terrorist threats against air travel, experts said. The link between terror and aviation isn’t new, and the fact that other countries are implementing versions of an electronics ban points to the legitimacy of the threats. Still, the rollout of the ban in the U.S. lacked transparency and will likely cause confusion and apprehension on the part of many travelers. The Department of Homeland Security released a fact sheet on Tuesday that leaves unanswered many questions about the ban ― like why laptops or tablets are any more dangerous than cellphones. Sean Spicer, the White House press secretary, didn’t bother answering any of the lingering questions, either.  “As you can imagine, I can’t talk about the intelligence we have,” Spicer said during Tuesday’s news briefing. “I can just tell you that the steps we are taking are commensurate with the intelligence we have.”  Experts agreed there’s probably a tangible threat, most likely emanating [...] huffingtonpost: Wednesday, 22 March at 00:02.

Will a cheaper iPad do much to boost tablet sales?... »

Among product updates announced by Apple was a new, cheaper 9.7 inch iPad. csmonitor: Wednesday, 22 March.

Burglars Can Easily Make Google Nest Security Cameras Stop... »

Orome1 quotes a report from Help Net Security: Google Nest's Dropcam, Dropcam Pro, Nest Cam Outdoor and Nest Cam Indoor security cameras can be easily disabled by an attacker that's in their Bluetooth range. The vulnerabilities are present in the latest firmware version running on the devices (v5.2.1). They were discovered by researcher Jason Doyle last fall, and their existence responsibly disclosed to Google, but have still not been patched. The first two flaws can be triggered and lead to a buffer overflow condition if the attacker sends to the camera a too-long Wi-Fi SSID parameter or a long encrypted password parameter, respectively. Triggering one of these flaws will make the devices crash and reboot. The third flaw is a bit more serious, as it allows the attacker to force the camera to temporarily disconnect from the wireless network to which it is connected by supplying it a new SSID to connect to. If that particular SSID does not exist, the camera drops its attempt to associate with it and return to the original Wi-Fi network, but the whole process can last from 60 to 90 seconds, during which the camera won't be recording. Nest has apparently already prepared a [...] slashdot: Wednesday, 22 March.

Just Prior To Hearing Over NSL Gag Orders, Court Allows... »

In December, we wrote about how (thanks to EFF's lawyering) mobile phone provider CREDO Mobile was finally (after many years) allowed to reveal the National Security Letter (NSL) it had received from the DOJ back in 2013. As per usual, the NSL had a complete gag order, barring the company from admitting it had received such a letter. Then, just about a month later, Cloudflare was similarly ungagged over an NSL it had received in 2013 as well. On Wednesday, EFF will be back in the 9th Circuit appeals court arguing that these NSLs are First Amendment violations, but for the first time, it can actually name those two companies as its clients. Even though those NSLs were finally allowed to become public in the last few months, the case itself still did not include their names, until Monday, when the court was told by the DOJ, that since the FBI had concluded the various investigations, and because it had enabled each of the companies to reveal those specific NSLs they had received, that it no longer required the plaintiffs' names in the case to be sealed. Of course, we don't know how many other NSLs are still gagged (possibly [...] techdirt: Tuesday, 21 March at 23:41.

New Device Restrictions On Some Flights: Few Facts, Many... »

Homeland Security says most personal electronics won't be allowed in carry-ons on flights from some majority-Muslim countries. The U.K. has acted similarly. Why the abrupt change? It's far from clear. npr: Tuesday, 21 March at 23:26.

Bird flu confirmed in two poultry flocks in north Alabama »

Alabama officials have confirmed bird flu in two poultry flocks, just a week after three commercial breeders had to kill their chickens across the state line in Tennessee. physorg: Tuesday, 21 March at 23:19.

What a croc: Student busted for taking baby gators into... »

AUGUSTA, Maine (AP) -- What a croc!... ap: Tuesday, 21 March at 22:43.

The Best Ways To Maximize Your Experiences With Arts And... »

What kind of art are you into? Are you interested in sharing crafts with other people? No matter what craft you enjoy, this article is here to help. Even if you've been creating projects for a long time, this article will give you some new ideas.If you've got a family that loves  … newsvine: Tuesday, 21 March at 22:37.

Instagram expands shopping functionality with Shopify,... »

Instagram's 'shoppable' post format is designed to encourage potential shoppers to make more in-the-moment purchases while browsing photos on the social network. zdnet: Tuesday, 21 March at 21:27.

Microsoft finalizes its Chinese-customized Windows 10... »

Microsoft's Chinese-government-approved version of Windows 10 is ready to go to market. zdnet blogs: Tuesday, 21 March at 21:17.

Scientists launch campaign to restore Pluto to the planet... »

(Reuters) - A team of scientists seeking to restore Pluto to planethood launched a campaign on Tuesday to broaden the astronomical classifications which led to its demotion to a "dwarf planet" a decade ago. reuters: Tuesday, 21 March at 20:54.

Android O, Google’s Next OS, Is Coming to Save Your... »

Google just provided the first peek at the new Android that arrives later this year. The post Android O, Google’s Next OS, Is Coming to Save Your Phone’s Battery appeared first on WIRED. wired: Tuesday, 21 March at 19:00.

Tech Fix: Crossing the Border? Here’s How to... »

Lately some travelers have been pressured to hand over their smartphones at the airport. But you can’t provide access to the data if you don’t hold the keys. nyt: Tuesday, 21 March at 18:21.

The Thai Turtle That Ate Hundreds Of Coins Has Died »

The green sea turtle drew international sympathy when it emerged that she had consumed nearly 1,000 coins that had been thrown into her pool. She died despite two emergency surgeries. npr: Tuesday, 21 March at 18:12.

Rosetta saw cliffs collapse on comet »

The comet visited by the Rosetta spacecraft is constantly being re-shaped, sometimes in dramatic fashion, a study suggests. bbc: Tuesday, 21 March at 16:30.

To censor or not to censor? YouTube's double bind »

Google’s video platform is being attacked by advertisers for not censoring enough and by creators for censoring too much. But don’t feel sorry for it just yet YouTube has found itself fighting battles on two fronts this week. Advertisers have launched a concerted attack against the video-streaming platform for its devil-may-care attitude to extremist content. They argue it is too hard to guarantee that advertising spend won’t end up going to the likes of far-right group Britain First, and have decided to boycott the platform en masse until YouTube can confirm changes. Continue reading... guardian: Tuesday, 21 March at 15:36.

French Mathematician Yves Meyer Wins Top Prize for... »

Yves Meyer, a French mathematician who did pioneering work on a signal processing tool known as wavelet analysis, has won the Abel Prize, one of the top math prizes. live science: Tuesday, 21 March at 12:27.

How prenatal maternal infections may affect genetic... »

In a new study, researchers at the University of California San Diego School of Medicine, University of Cyprus and Stanford University map the complex biological cascade caused by MIA: the expression of multiple genes involved in autism are turned up or down by MIA, affecting key aspects of prenatal brain development that may increase risk for atypical development later in life. eurekalert: Tuesday, 21 March at 06:00.

Determined Parents are Moving the Needle on Gene Therapy »

Families of patients are starting advocacy groups, raising money for research, and founding biotech companies to advance cures for rare diseases. technology review: Tuesday, 21 March.

Deadly spider venom could ward off stroke brain damage,... »

Ingredient in funnel web spider venom can protect cells from being destroyed by a stroke, even when given hours after the event, study shows Doctors have stumbled on an unlikely source for a drug to ward off brain damage caused by strokes: the venom of one of the deadliest spiders in the world. A bite from an Australian funnel web spider can kill a human in 15 minutes, but a harmless ingredient found in the venom can protect brain cells from being destroyed by a stroke, even when given hours after the event, scientists say. Continue reading... guardian: Monday, 20 March at 21:00.

Harry Greene explains how to 'walk the Tree of Life' »

Some Cornell classes are adopting the Tree of Life classification system, which explains the diversity of life by matching and mapping relationships on a branching diagram. cornell: Monday, 20 March at 20:03.

We Might Soon Resurrect Extinct Species. Is It Worth the... »

Scientists disagree about whether bringing extinct species back from the dead will result in a net loss of global biodiversity. nyt: Monday, 20 March at 15:35.

Intel Optane SSd DC P4800X – Super Fast 3D Storage »

Intel’s new Optane SSD P4800X Series is the first device to offer a combination of the attributes of memory and storage. dailytech: Monday, 20 March at 13:35.

2 reports, 1 conclusion: energy shift must start soon »

BERLIN (AP) -- The world must swiftly shift energy production away from fossil fuels if it is to prevent a dangerous increase in global temperatures, according to separate reports released Monday by two international agencies.... ap: Monday, 20 March at 10:42.

Using Cloud Analytics for a Winning March Madness Bracket »

Welcome to the first of two days of low workforce production and nail biting moments that lead into 3 glorious weeks March Madness. The first round of 2017 NCAA Division I Men's Basketball Tournament tips off today and it should ... Read More The post Using Cloud Analytics for a Winning March Madness Bracket appeared first on WebProNews. webpronews (insider report): Thursday, 16 March at 14:16.

Hobbyists Could Genetically Engineer Dogs »

Check out: The FDA Is Cracking Down On Rogue Genetic Engineers. Apparently the US Food and Drug Administration wants to classify genetically altered dogs as drugs. When this is done to humans will they become drugs too? I think Huey Lewis has foreseen this possibility. A substantial part of the population is going to continue to insist on owning highly inbred genetically messed up dog breeds with serious health issues (e.g. bulldogs and pugs). If you do not want to me like them then avoid the unhealthiest dog breeds. But given that these breeds will continue to exist it certainly makes sense to genetically fix the fixable ones (some are, by breed standard, probably not fixable). So genetic engineers who... future pundit: Monday, 20 February.

Speaking at Rutgers Today - »

A lot of stuff is happening (keep promising to write here more and  then, don’t) – but this year I’ll post more AND put in a decent theme for a change. Anyway – the latest presentation is on scaling online courses – and you can see it here.   More soon. Scaling online and hybrid […] web metrics guru: Wednesday, 14 January at 10:22.

The Most Embarrassing Moments in the History of Science »

What? Scientists get things wrong? We know. It’s shocking to hear, but science isn’t always an exact science. Mistakes do happen -- and they often lead to great scientific discoveries. So, grab your safety glasses and see if you can identify the most embarrassing scientific moments ever. howstuffworks: Wednesday, 07 November at 20:00.

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