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Homer Simpson (The Simpsons): Bart, with $10,000, we'd be millionaires! We could buy all kinds of useful things like...love!

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02 December: John Brown Hanged for Raid on Harpers Ferry (1859). Brown was a radical US abolitionist who advocated armed action to end slavery. He and his supporters murdered five proslavery settlers in Kansas in 1856, and three years later he tried to start an armed liberation movement among slaves by seizing the federal arsenal at Harpers Ferry, West Virginia, intending to arm local slaves with its weapons. His small force was soon overpowered, and Brown was captured, tried for treason, convicted, and hanged.

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Rolls-Royce SUV is going to be big, really big »

Like it or not – and there are plenty of people in the or not category – Roll-Royce is building a four-wheel drive. Project Cullinan was announced to shareholders in April last year, and testing kicked off with a chassis mule based on the Phantom. Now, the Rolls-Royce "all-terrain, high-sided vehicle" has been outed for the first time, albeit covered in camouflage from head-to-toe. .. Continue Reading Rolls-Royce SUV is going to be big, really big Category: Automotive Tags: Rolls Royce SUV Related Articles: Rolls-Royce to jump on SUV bandwagon Up close with the extraordinary Rolls-Royce Ghost Series II Spofec Black One adds bling and horses to Rolls-Royce Ghost Series II Rolls-Royce drops the roof with new Dawn Rolls Royce Trent XWB-97 engine makes maiden flight Rolls-Royce predicts robotic ships will be on the water by 2020 gizmag: Friday, 02 December at 11:52.

Buzz Aldrin recovers in New Zealand after polar evacuation »

CHRISTCHURCH, New Zealand (AP) -- Buzz Aldrin, the second man to walk on the moon, was recovering on Friday in a New Zealand hospital and was in stable condition after a "grueling" medical evacuation from the South Pole.... ap: Friday, 02 December at 11:22.

Russia emergency teams look for debris of crashed... »

Russian emergencies workers are combing the mountains near the border with Mongolia for the debris of a cargo spaceship that crashed minutes after its launch. physorg: Friday, 02 December at 11:04.

Researchers mimic how we recognize faces through... »

The new findings appear to have captured the "human" element missing from current machine learning systems. zdnet: Friday, 02 December at 10:49.

Great Tips To Utilize When You Need Information About... »

Search engine optimization is crucial to the success of your online business, as it will determine how visible your website is. Although it may seem daunting at first, and there's no shortage of conflicting advice. However, following some simple tips and principles can make all t … newsvine: Friday, 02 December at 10:45.

If You Holiday Shop Online, Don't Ignore This Warning... »

Enigma Software reports that malware infections during the four days from Black Friday to Cyber Monday more than doubled compared to the rest of November. forbes: Friday, 02 December at 10:07.

Avalanche botnet network struck down in global operation »

A concerted effort between law enforcement and cybersecurity firms has resulted in the destruction of a major botnet platform. zdnet blogs: Friday, 02 December at 09:52.

Four major cities move to ban diesel vehicles by 2025 »

The leaders of four major global cities say they will stop the use of all diesel powered cars and trucks by the middle of the next decade. bbc: Friday, 02 December at 09:47.

Trilobites: Four New Names Officially Added to the... »

Please welcome to the periodic table: Nihonium, Moscovium, Tennessine and Oganesson, discovered and then named by Japanese, Russian and American scientists. nyt: Friday, 02 December at 08:26.

Kidney disease hospitalization and mortality rates... »

According to an annual data report from the United States Renal Data System (USRDS), hospitalization and mortality rates for patients with chronic kidney disease continue to decline in the US. eurekalert: Friday, 02 December at 07:00.

Twitter changes product head for third time in a year »

(Reuters) - Twitter Inc appointed Keith Coleman, founder of startup Yes Inc, as head of its product team, the third executive to lead the division in less than a year. reuters: Friday, 02 December at 04:13.

Clinton’s Campaign Manager Blames James Comey for... »

Clinton's private email server dogged her throughout the presidential campaign, but a single letter cost her the election, her campaign manager says. The post Clinton's Campaign Manager Blames James Comey for Her Loss appeared first on WIRED. wired: Friday, 02 December at 03:52.

Who Gets To Trademark Iceland? »

When you cover enough trademark disputes, you come to expect a fairly typical pattern to them. Entity X bullies entity Y over a vaguely similar use of a mark that often times is overly broad or generic, and then there is either a capitulation to the bullying, a settlement, or the rare instance of a trial that results in an actual ruling. The outcomes aren't typically favorable for those of us that think trademark law has been pushed beyond its original intent, but the pattern persists. But every once in a while, you find a zebra amidst the thundering hooves of horses. Such is the case with a very strange dispute currently going on between Iceland Foods, a foodstuffs retailer, and Iceland, the island nation between Greenland and the rest of Europe. Due to the retailer's aggressive protection of its trademark, which consists of a generic term preceeded by the name of a country, Iceland has petitioned to revoke the trademark Iceland Foods has on its name for all of Europe. Iceland is challenging Iceland Foods’ exclusive ownership of the European-wide trademark registration for the word Iceland, which it says is preventing the country’s companies from promoting goods and services [...] techdirt: Friday, 02 December at 03:36.

Reports of a Facebook fake news detector are apparently a... »

 Update: The feature appears to be an implementation of the Chrome plugin B.S. Detector, which some users took as a test by Facebook itself. We’ll continue to investigate but for now it looks like this is not a Facebook feature. Yes, the irony is rich.  Facebook is showing red warning labels above fake news links in the News Feed for some users in what appears to be a limited test. Read More techcrunch: Friday, 02 December at 02:58.

Uber Now Tracks Passengers' Locations Even After They're... »

Its latest update prompts users to allow Uber access to their location, even when the app isn't in use. Uber says the move will improve service and safety, but it raises worries for privacy advocates. npr: Friday, 02 December at 01:08.

UK homes lose internet access after cyber-attack »

TalkTalk and the Post Office among firms affected by Mirai worm malware More than 100,000 people in the UK have had their internet access cut after a string of service providers were hit by what is believed to be a coordinated cyber-attack, taking the number affected in Europe up to about a million. TalkTalk, one of Britain’s biggest service providers, the Post Office and the Hull-based KCom were all affected by the malware known as the Mirai worm, which is spread via compromised computers. Continue reading... guardian: Friday, 02 December at 01:02.

Social Media Pulse Model Predicts Tweet Explosions »

"When you notice patterns over time, you have a suspicion that there’s an underlying reason why they happen — and maybe we can encode that in a model so that with just a little bit of data we can predict ... Read More The post Social Media Pulse Model Predicts Tweet Explosions appeared first on WebProNews. webpronews (insider report): Friday, 02 December at 00:08.

Russian Supply Rocket Malfunctions, Breaks Up Over Siberia... »

An anonymous reader quotes a report from NPR: An unmanned cargo rocket bound for the International Space Station was destroyed after takeoff on Thursday. The Russian rocket took off as planned from Baikonur, Kazahkstan, on Thursday morning but stopped transmitting data about six minutes into its flight, as NPR's Rae Ellen Bichell reported: "'Russian officials say the spacecraft failed [...] when it was about 100 miles above a remote part of Siberia. The ship was carrying more than 2 1/2 tons of supplies -- including food, fuel and clothes. Most of that very likely burned up as the unmanned spacecraft fell back toward Earth. NASA says the six crew members on board the International Space station, including two Americans, are well stocked for now.'" This is the fourth botched launch of an unmanned Russian rocket in the past two years. Roscomos officials wrote in an update today: "According to preliminary information, the contingency took place at an altitude of about 190 km over remote and unpopulated mountainous area of the Republic of Tyva. The most of cargo spacecraft fragments burned in the dense atmosphere. The State Commission is conducting analysis of the current contingency. The loss of the cargo ship [...] slashdot: Friday, 02 December.

Africa Finds Power Off the Grid »

Pay-as-you-go solar systems have begun to light up homes in underserved parts of the continent, but will need to pack more punch to leapfrog the grid. technology review: Friday, 02 December.

5 Women Changing the Virtual Reality Scene »

Folks, you know I'm a big supporter of women in tech and great nonprofit initiatives like the Women Startup Challenge. This is important stuff because, even today, only 7% of investor money goes to women-led startups. Businesses owned by women perform just as well as and even better than those owned by men, and we're still not investing in these ventures as much as we should be. The thing is, virtual reality is the new tech frontier, and we've gotta make sure that there's equitable footing across all tech sectors regardless of demographic. To that point, we should all be paying more attention to the game-changing work happening in these emerging fields. And speaking of, if you're a woman-led VR, AR, or AI startup, make sure to apply for the Women Startup Challenge, which will be hosted at Google in NYC on February 15th. I've partnered with Women Who Tech and investors Fred and Joanne Wilson to provide a $50,000 grant to the winning startup. Here are 5 women to watch in the VR field: Nonny de la Peña is the Founder of Emblematic Group. She created a VR Experience called Hunger in Los Angeles that tries to foster empathy [...] huffingtonpost: Thursday, 01 December at 21:23.

Zap! Magnet Study Offers Fresh Insights Into How Memory... »

A magnetic pulse to a certain spot in the brain of healthy volunteers restored recently "forgotten" thoughts, researchers found. The study is shifting the understanding of short-term recall. npr: Thursday, 01 December at 21:19.

Fast, efficient sperm tails inspire nanobiotechnology »

Scientists at Cornell's Baker Institute for Animal Health mimiced the way sperm tail enzymes are attached to a solid support in an attempt to achieve the same efficiency on small man-made devices. cornell: Thursday, 01 December at 21:12.

For environmental dogs, sniffing out doody is their duty »

FAIR HAVEN, N.J. (AP) -- Some pollution-sniffing dogs at the Jersey shore have shown they're No. 1 at sniffing out No. 2.... ap: Thursday, 01 December at 18:45.

Facts About Tennessine (Element 117) »

Properties, sources and uses of tennessine, element 117, formerly called ununseptium. live science: Thursday, 01 December at 16:36.

FlowMotion veils its new smartphone stabilizer, FlowMotion... »

How many times you took a video on your smartphone to be disappointed later with its quality and shakiness. It is even more so if you took it while on the move. Well, it may now be a thing of the past. FlowMotion, an award-winning company, has introduced its latest motion stabilizer for smartphones, FlowMotion One. dailytech: Thursday, 01 December at 09:00.

Australian students recreate Martin Shkreli price-hike... »

Sydney Grammar students create HIV and malaria drug Daraprim in their school laboratory, putting results online • Martin Shkreli rattled by Sydney high schoolers who cooked $2 malaria pills A group of Australian high school students have managed to recreate a life-saving drug that rose from US$13.50 to US$750 a tablet overnight after an unscrupulous price-hike by former hedge fund manager Martin Shkreli. Related: Martin Shkreli accused by Sydney high schoolers who cooked $2 malaria pills Continue reading... guardian: Thursday, 01 December at 04:04.

Bank of England asking supplier of currency to find animal... »

(Reuters) - The Bank of England said its supplier of currency, Innovia, is working toward removing the use of animal fat in the production of its new plastic five pound note after objection raised by thousands of vegetarians. reuters: Thursday, 01 December at 01:29.

'Just a bunch of people'? Apple seeks to define corporate... »

Apple CEO Tim Cook says corporations need values, and he's an advocate of various causes. But values can also create controversy, as the divisive election season showed. How can companies formulate value systems that work for all their employees? csmonitor: Thursday, 01 December.

Snapchat’s Path to a Big Payday »

Snapchat started in 2011 as an app through which people could send messages that would disappear. Now it has many features and a large user base. nyt: Wednesday, 30 November at 13:01.

Genetic Engineering To Lower Risks And Assure Child... »

In a nutshell: editing offspring DNA at the embryo stage will eventually offer so many advantages that lots of people will cave in on some advantage. Don't want to make your kid smarter? Make him or her better looking? Don't want that? How about a throwing arm competitive in major league baseball? Opposed to that? How about avoiding passing along your terrible allergies, need for braces, terrible eyesight, tendency to get depressed or perhaps anxiety attacks or eating disorders? Lots of ways to be persuaded to step over the line once the tech becomes safe. If asked whether one would genetically engineer one's offspring today many people would answer "No" to the hypothetical question. But today choosing genes for your... future pundit: Sunday, 09 October.

Speaking at Rutgers Today - »

A lot of stuff is happening (keep promising to write here more and  then, don’t) – but this year I’ll post more AND put in a decent theme for a change. Anyway – the latest presentation is on scaling online courses – and you can see it here.   More soon. Scaling online and hybrid […] web metrics guru: Wednesday, 14 January at 10:22.

The Most Embarrassing Moments in the History of Science »

What? Scientists get things wrong? We know. It’s shocking to hear, but science isn’t always an exact science. Mistakes do happen -- and they often lead to great scientific discoveries. So, grab your safety glasses and see if you can identify the most embarrassing scientific moments ever. howstuffworks: Wednesday, 07 November at 20:00.

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