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Jack Handey: If I ever get real rich, I hope I'm not real mean to poor people, like I am now.

This day in history

26 April: Syria Ends Occupation of Lebanon (2005). In 1976, with his country embroiled in a deadly civil war, the Lebanese president turned to Syria for assistance. At his request, Syrian forces entered Lebanon. Despite their 29-year presence, the Syrians were unable to secure lasting stability. By 2005, Syrian influence in Lebanese government had provoked protests, which intensified after the assassination of Prime Minister Rafik Hariri, and Syrian troops finally withdrew in April.

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OverOps scores $30 million led by Lightspeed Ventures »

 OverOps, a startup that wants to help companies find software bugs more efficiently than by pouring over log files, announced a $30 million Series C round led by Lightspeed Ventures with participation from Menlo Ventures. Both are existing investors. In a nutshell, OverOps delivers a cloud or on-prem solution that helps developers and operations teams nail down bugs in a more automated… Read More techcrunch: Wednesday, 26 April at 15:30.

New model could help predict major earthquakes »

A Nagoya University-led team reveals the mechanisms behind different earthquakes at a plate boundary on the west coast of South America, shedding light on historical seismic events and potentially aiding prediction of the future risk from these natural disasters. physorg: Wednesday, 26 April at 15:30.

Cord Cutting Is Very Real, And 25% Of Americans Won't... »

For years the traditional cable and broadcast industry has gone to great lengths to deny that cord cutting (getting rid of traditional cable TV) is real. First, we were told repeatedly that the phenomenon wasn't happening at all. Next, the industry acknowledged that sure -- a handful of people were ditching cable, but it didn't matter because the people doing so were losers living in their mom's basement. Then, we were told that cord cutting was real, but was only a minor phenomenon that would go away once Millennials started procreating. Of course none of these talking points were true, but they helped cement a common belief among older cable and broadcast executives that the transformative shift to streaming video could be easily solved by doubling down on bad ideas. More price increases, more advertisements stuffed into each minute, more hubris, and more denial. Blindness to justify the milking of a dying cash cow instead of adapting. But given the numbers we've seen over the last year or two, even the cable and broadcast industry has had to scale back its "head firmly in the sand" approach to market evolution. Last month MoffettNathanson analyst Craig Moffett, the telecom industry's top [...] techdirt: Wednesday, 26 April at 15:27.

Twitter posts strong user growth, shares soar »

(Reuters) - Shares of Twitter Inc soared in premarket trade on Wednesday after the microblogging service reported better-than-expected user growth. reuters: Wednesday, 26 April at 15:08.

Breathtaking Photos of a World Without Light Pollution »

Gavin Heffernan and Harun Mehmedinovic set out to document the last dark skies around North America. The post Breathtaking Photos of a World Without Light Pollution appeared first on WIRED. wired: Wednesday, 26 April at 15:00.

Nikon D7500 vs. Nikon D500 »

When Nikon announced the D7500, we were struck by how much the firm had plundered the specification sheet of the flagship D500 for the new enthusiast shooter. But exactly how do the two high-end APS-C DSLRs stack up against each other? Here we compare the key features and specs of the two cameras... Continue Reading Nikon D7500 vs. Nikon D500 Category: Digital Cameras Tags: Cameras DSLR Photography Product Comparison Related Articles: Nikon D5500 vs. Nikon D5300 Nikon D500 vs. Canon 7D Mark II Nikon D5 vs. Canon 1D X Mark II iPhone 7 vs. iPhone 6s Samsung Galaxy S8 vs. iPhone 7 Plus Samsung Galaxy S8 vs. iPhone 7 gizmag: Wednesday, 26 April at 14:56.

Samsung's answer to incoming calls, texts, tweets at the... »

Samsung's new app will detect when you're driving and send auto-replies to incoming calls and social-media messages. zdnet: Wednesday, 26 April at 14:19.

Oracle brings "Adaptive Intelligence" to... »

The new applications deliver real-time analytics powered by Oracle's powerful Data Cloud. zdnet blogs: Wednesday, 26 April at 14:05.

Energy Star Program For Homes And Appliances Is On Trump's... »

Appliance makers and home builders are in Washington, D.C., to celebrate the energy efficiency program. Energy Star is among 50 EPA programs that would be eliminated under the president's budget plan. npr: Wednesday, 26 April at 14:00.

Xiaomi Mi 6 - Flash Sale on April 28 in China »

The Xiaomi Mi 6 is the most powerful domestic smartphone available in the Chinese market and will hit stores on Friday, April 28 in China. dailytech: Wednesday, 26 April at 13:45.

Distant Dwarf Planet DeeDee Stirs Up the Pluto Planethood... »

Recent observations that a tiny object in our solar system is a likely dwarf planet has some planetary scientists grumbling again about Pluto's demotion to that status. live science: Wednesday, 26 April at 13:30.

Nasa waits on Cassini radio contact from Saturn »

The probe should have completed its first plunge in between the planet's rings and cloudtops. bbc: Wednesday, 26 April at 13:22.

UAE's first solar-powered gas station opens in Dubai »

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) -- A government oil company in the United Arab Emirates says it has opened the country's first solar-powered gas station in Dubai.... ap: Wednesday, 26 April at 12:48.

New human rights to protect against 'mind hacking' and... »

A response to advances in neurotechnology that can read or alter brain activity, new human rights would protect people from theft, abuse and hacking New human rights that would protect people from having their thoughts and other brain information stolen, abused or hacked have been proposed by researchers. The move is a response to the rapid advances being made with technologies that read or alter brain activity and which many expect to bring enormous benefits to people’s lives in the coming years. Continue reading... guardian: Wednesday, 26 April at 12:26.

Ever wonder what kind of men harass women online?... »

Unfortunately, two scientists found a group of men who did not get the memo. Researchers from University of New South Wales and Miami University logged into the uber-popular video game Halo 3 and observed 163 games to see how the players treated each other.  The gender br … newsvine: Wednesday, 26 April at 11:30.

What Remains of Edith Finch review: magical ode to the joy... »

Indie studio Giant Sparrow conjures an adventure that blends exploration, reading, reality and fantasy into one innovative and beautiful experience What Remains of Edith Finch is a game about storytelling and a masterclass in characterisation. Although it bears all the hallmarks of games like Gone Home or Dear Esther with its spooky waterside property, its readable letters and journey entries, and its lack of a “run” button, the game soon strays from the familiar paths trodden by those seminal “walking simulators”. Instead, What Remains delivers a collection of whimsical tales that leap deftly from one genre to another without ever losing the thread at the heart story. The eponymous Edith is the last remaining member of the cursed Finch family, who have all died in strange circumstances, some of them at a young age. She is returning to the family home to find out what happened to them all. After each Finch death, the person’s bedroom was sealed up, never to be used again, resulting in a rambling, crooked tower of a house, with rooms tacked on here and there over time. In this way, the house acts as a grounding hub for the game, a visual metaphor for the [...] guardian: Wednesday, 26 April at 11:13.

Binge Drinkers Beware: Study Finds Link Between Alcohol... »

Researchers tested more than 3,000 people at Munich's Oktoberfest beer festival. They found getting drunk was associated with abnormal heart rhythms. npr: Wednesday, 26 April at 11:05.

Horny male seeks mate: Kenya's last northern white rhino... »

NAIROBI (Reuters) - Like many guys using the Tinder dating app, Sudan loves the outdoors and travels widely. The catch: he's the world's last male white northern rhino and desperately needs to mate. reuters: Wednesday, 26 April at 09:25.

Longer-lasting pain relief with MOFs »

To treat headaches, back pain or fever, most of us have reached for ibuprofen at one point or another. But we often have to take doses every four to six hours if the pain warrants it. Now scientists are working on a way to package the commonly used drug so it can last longer. Their approach, reported in ACS' journal Molecular Pharmaceutics, could also be used to deliver other drugs orally that currently can only be taken intravenously. eurekalert: Wednesday, 26 April at 06:00.

Toy given to police officer as safety talisman gets to... »

CINCINNATI (AP) -- Police in Ohio have received a stuffed toy given by a child to a Pennsylvania police officer to help keep him safe.... ap: Wednesday, 26 April at 00:05.

How Wikipedia’s founder wants to ‘fix the... »

Jimmy Wales is launching a new platform that he says will 'protect the integrity of information' from fake news. csmonitor: Wednesday, 26 April.

An Artificial Womb Successfully Grew Baby Sheep -- and... »

An anonymous reader quotes a report from The Verge: Inside what look like oversized ziplock bags strewn with tubes of blood and fluid, eight fetal lambs continued to develop -- much like they would have inside their mothers. Over four weeks, their lungs and brains grew, they sprouted wool, opened their eyes, wriggled around, and learned to swallow, according to a new study that takes the first step toward an artificial womb. One day, this device could help to bring premature human babies to term outside the uterus -- but right now, it has only been tested on sheep. The Biobag may not look much like a womb, but it contains the same key parts: a clear plastic bag that encloses the fetal lamb and protects it from the outside world, like the uterus would; an electrolyte solution that bathes the lamb similarly to the amniotic fluid in the uterus; and a way for the fetus to circulate its blood and exchange carbon dioxide for oxygen. Flake and his colleagues published their results today in the journal Nature Communications. Read more of this story at Slashdot. slashdot: Wednesday, 26 April.

For 3,000 Startups, Y Combinator’s Class Is in... »

The accelerator’s new Startup School offers a virtual way into the startup scene even if you’re not based in the Bay Area. technology review: Wednesday, 26 April.

More than 200 soggy students champion science in D.C.... »

More than 200 Cornell undergraduate and graduate students joined 40,000 scientists and boosters to champion knowledge in the first March for Science in Washington, D.C., April 22. cornell: Tuesday, 25 April at 22:04.

Group Accused Of DNC Hack Also Targeted Firm Formerly... »

WASHINGTON ― A cyber-espionage group that targeted political parties during U.S. and French elections also launched a phishing campaign against Academi, the private military firm formerly known as Blackwater, a new report says. Pawn Storm, a hacking group also known as Fancy Bear, targeted Academi on April 24, 2014, according to a report released Tuesday by the cybersecurity firm Trend Micro. Crowdstrike, another security firm, has said Fancy Bear is believed to be "closely linked" to Russian intelligence services. The Trend Micro report does not indicate whether Pawn Storm succeeded in stealing information from Academi during the phishing attack. Academi did not respond to multiple requests for comment for this story. Academi is the latest incarnation of Blackwater, a private military contractor founded by Erik Prince in 1997. Blackwater gained notoriety in 2007 when its employees shot at and killed more than a dozen civilians in Baghdad while escorting a U.S. convoy. As part of an attempt to clean up its image, Blackwater was renamed “Xe Services” two years later. Prince sold the company in 2010 and the new owners gave it yet another name: “Academi.” Prince, whose sister, Betsy DeVos, is President Donald Trump’s secretary of education, has been in [...] huffingtonpost: Tuesday, 25 April at 19:41.

Microsoft and LinkedIn Ready to Challenge Salesforce CRM »

Since Microsoft's $26 billion acquisition of LinkedIn three days after Christmas 2016, little has been heard from what would be Microsoft Dynamic's bold upgrade to the CRM industry. But the picture has become much more clear since Microsoft CEO Satya ... Read More The post Microsoft and LinkedIn Ready to Challenge Salesforce CRM appeared first on WebProNews. webpronews (insider report): Tuesday, 25 April at 18:03.

Feature: Can Facebook Fix Its Own Worst Bug? »

Mark Zuckerberg now acknowledges the dangerous side of the social revolution he helped start. But is the most powerful tool for connection in human history capable of adapting to the world it created? nyt: Tuesday, 25 April at 11:00.

People Are Seeing U.F.O.s Everywhere, and This Book Proves... »

An unlikely new reference guide breaks down U.F.O. sightings county by county, shape by shape, month by month. nyt: Monday, 24 April at 18:35.

New Nokia 9 Leak Points To 2017's Killer Smartphone »

As 2017 started, the Nokia name returned to the smartphone world thanks to HMD. The Finnish-based start-up started with a Chinese mid-range Android handset before introducing two new handsets at MWC. Details are now coming out of a flagship handset that could be on sale by the end of the year. forbes: Monday, 03 April at 20:39.

Hobbyists Could Genetically Engineer Dogs »

Check out: The FDA Is Cracking Down On Rogue Genetic Engineers. Apparently the US Food and Drug Administration wants to classify genetically altered dogs as drugs. When this is done to humans will they become drugs too? I think Huey Lewis has foreseen this possibility. A substantial part of the population is going to continue to insist on owning highly inbred genetically messed up dog breeds with serious health issues (e.g. bulldogs and pugs). If you do not want to me like them then avoid the unhealthiest dog breeds. But given that these breeds will continue to exist it certainly makes sense to genetically fix the fixable ones (some are, by breed standard, probably not fixable). So genetic engineers who... future pundit: Monday, 20 February.

Speaking at Rutgers Today - »

A lot of stuff is happening (keep promising to write here more and  then, don’t) – but this year I’ll post more AND put in a decent theme for a change. Anyway – the latest presentation is on scaling online courses – and you can see it here.   More soon. Scaling online and hybrid […] web metrics guru: Wednesday, 14 January at 10:22.

Flight Pictures »

Flight pictures show photos from aviation history. Take a look at pictures of the most important aircraft in history. howstuffworks: Wednesday, 07 November at 20:00.

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