Weird things

I decided to put the weird stuff people send me via corporate e-mail somewhere. I am beginning to understand why you could see e-mail as a productivity killer, so few actually made it here.

The dark side of DYI photography. A slip between the cup and the lip, as it were.

1) Ready, set timer, say cheese, ....

2) And go!

Can I help? I Feel like that after work sometimes.

Perfectly timed photos. Stomach in, chest out!

Eye test! Did you see the ass of the girl behind, or did you perhaps ....

see a shoulder! ^^

Engrish eating. What's in a name, after all?

Computers in 2004: A retrospective. Makes quite a conversation piece and you've gotta love the double-rimmed chrome steering wheel.

It turns, it turns! Clever optical illusion.

Small Ad. There's a taker for anything.

Commodore, Uh, Laptop? Boy I miss my 64.

Missing Block. A picture made up of blocks; shuffle the blocks around and suddenly you are short a block for an identical sized picture.

Why you need insurance. The sort of thing you don't want to happen to you driving to work on a Monday morning.

10 MB hard disk going cheap: Another retrospective. My first drive was a 20MB model, it was a thing of pride and beauty to me, and also sounded like someone making pop corn when labouring through my data. You had to park it before shutting down, it came preloaded with bad sectors (which was OK at the time) and took a small eternity to format. Whee. :)

Winning eBay auction strategy. A reall appetiser.